Pumpkin VS Sunflower Seeds: Differences and Health Benefits

Pumpkin VS Sunflower Seeds: Differences and Health Benefits

The world undeniably loves nutty foods—peanut butter toast, almond milk smoothies, and bite-sized cashews, to name a few. That said, people have also begun going nuts over another minuscule superfood packed with flavor and nutrients: seeds. These assorted sources of plant-based protein and fiber are extremely delicious and nutritious.

If you consume seeds as core components of a healthy diet, their innate value is clear cut for your universal health and well-being. Out of all the seeds found on planet Earth, two types tend to top the consumption list: pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Let’s take a closer look at the debate between these tiny, popular nibbles. Here’s a general guide on their differences and health benefits.


sunflower seeds


When you’re considering the ultimate differences between these edible seeds, their classification is the most logical distinction. Pumpkin seeds—also known as pepitas—originate within specific pumpkin and squash varieties. Dozens of pumpkin species exist, but we typically consume the light green seeds from oilseed or Styrian pumpkins.

On the other side of the coin, sunflower seeds aren’t actually bona fide seeds. You'll see them on the supermarket shelves near the nuts, but they’re not exactly part of the nut family, either. These delectable seeds inside white or black husks are the fruit of the sunflower, the tallest clan of flowering plants in the whole world.


If you’re curious about the differences and health benefits when comparing pumpkin versus sunflower seeds, you need to know about their varying nutrients. For perspective, their protein and fat contents are relatively similar. Both types also contain vital minerals and vitamins, but they differ in overall micronutrient density.

Pepitas offer higher selenium, potassium, and magnesium content, controlling blood pressure and boosting one’s quality of life with increased sleep and serotonin. On the flip side, sunflower seeds comprise apex dietary fiber and vitamin E, an ideal antioxidant to protect cells from everyday wear and tear and to reduce inflammation.


Tasters of these notable seed types recognize and admire their mild and versatile nutty flavors. You can purchase roasted or salted varieties that take their textures and tastes to another level. A word of caution: they’re quite addictive, so be sure to remain portion-smart to experience their best benefits. No matter which seed you select or prefer, a healthy and satisfied mind and body await.

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