5 Reasons to Incorporate Brazil Nuts Into Your Diet

5 Reasons to Incorporate Brazil Nuts Into Your Diet

A tiny acorn doesn’t become an oak tree overnight. A tree is simply a minuscule nut that's endured against heckles of doubt and fears for years to grow. Now, not all nuts fruitfully sprout into trees, but many of the nuts that humans consume do grow on trees. Brazil nuts are one such popular superfood that prevails greatly against adversity.

Brazil nuts originate from the Amazon rainforest. In actuality, these remarkable nibbles are edible seeds that stem from the fruit of the longest-living thing found in the rainforest: Amazonian nut trees. Brazil nuts grow within a coconut-like shell, but instead of dense milk, they contain orange segments that reveal into a dozen or more nuts when split wide open. Rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, consuming these nutty nutritional powerhouses fights against bodily adversities for your own benefit. Here are five reasons to incorporate brazil nuts into your diet.


Brazil nuts are naturally energy-dense, holding the world record for known selenium source concentration. Selenium is a mineral found within soil that plays a key role in cell protection due to its antioxidant properties. Of the five reasons to incorporate brazil nuts into your diet, its utter abundance of selenium tops the list. A single Brazil nut contains enough selenium to reduce several common inflammatory markers.


As described above, consuming selenium-rich brazil nuts fights inflammation in the body, defends against free radicals, and prevents oxidative damage. Effective as a supplement, eating a couple of brazil nuts also aids the development of a healthy, functional immune system. Don’t forget about digestion—brazil nuts are a solid source of dietary fiber and other minerals that keep your system in working order.


Hormones originating from the thyroid help regulate body temperature and metabolism. Selenium is a nutrient that supports healthy thyroid function. According to Healthline, past studies revealed that Brazil nut consumption may help improve thyroid hormone deficiencies. Substantial selenium is a necessity for hormone T3 creation.


As a superfood, Brazil nuts contain ellagic acid, which is an antimutagenic micronutrient. This characteristic property can slow cancer progression. As a nutrient, selenium is also known to help reduce toxic mercury levels, potentially reducing one’s overall cancer risk.


Again, brazil nuts are a notable source of ellagic acid and selenium. Low selenium levels have previously been linked to mood-related disorders such as anxiety, fatigue, and depression. Ellagic acid is similarly a great brain food and a healthy anti-depressant to boost one's mood.

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