3 Helpful Tips for What to Look For When Buying Nuts

3 Helpful Tips for What to Look For When Buying Nuts

You’ve heard it before: nuts are incredibly good for you. You’ll hear it again: consuming these nutritional powerhouses is incredibly satisfying. Hashtag hooray for healthy snacking—and a favorably festive nibbling experience. Know that if you turn into a squirrel from time to time—due to a nut obsession, that is—you’re not alone.

Fortunately, when it comes to stockpiling copious amounts or varieties of your preferred finger snacks, getting the most life and flavor for your dollars is easier than you think. Never fear—we’ve compiled a general list of considerations to make when perusing nutty merchandise. Here are three helpful tips for what to look for when buying nuts.


What’s worse than rancid nuts? When nuts go bad from exposure to heat or moisture, they go bad. Shriveled, moldy, odorous, or bruised nuts are the pits. The biggest purchasing blunder of all to avoid? Buying in bulk from the bins at grocery stores. Your best bet for ensuring freshness is tightly sealed up in a bag.

Curious about what to look for when buying nuts? Aiming for quality assurance tops the list of our three helpful tips. To safeguard nutty shelf-life, keep it signed, sealed, and delivered. Oxygen is public enemy number one of the longevity of shelf life. Don’t pay too close attention to expiration dates, either—ultimate shelf-life depends on three conditions: fridge or pantry storage, shelled or unshelled nuts, and opened or unopened packages.


Some people swear by raw nuts and their superiority in health over the roasted or flavored variety. But let’s be real: the choice remains up to you. Almonds are the sole nut lawfully required to be pasteurized. Unless you’re buying straight from a farmer, keep in mind that the word “raw” in front of an advertised nut doesn’t necessarily mean the bundle hasn’t been processed.

The processing treatment relatively does not affect the comprehensive health benefits of nuts—rather, high roasting levels can oxidize the healthier fats in nuts. In general, buy whole nuts or raw nuts if you so desire. Otherwise, stay true to your taste buds.


We know that variety is a foundational underlying concept to good health. Comparable to tasting the rainbow of fruits and veggies, be open to trying and tasting more than your favorites. Each nutty type contains its own unique hodgepodge of nutrients, health benefits, flavors, and cooking or baking uses.

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