Raw VS Soaked Almonds: Which One Is Better for Your Health?

Raw VS Soaked Almonds: Which One Is Better for Your Health?

Let’s face it: life is full of diverse opinions, perspectives, and considerations. This culminating hodgepodge of ideas leads to numerous debates. Many of these debates aren’t even new contests but rather age-old discussions that go round and round in skeptic circles—without certain conclusions.

One such deliberation exists over almonds, leading to oscillating levels of confusion over how consumers should eat them. Roasted? Raw? Soaked? Milky? Which is best—and best for you? Let’s break down the nutty consumption debate: here’s what to know about raw versus soaked almonds and which one is better for your health.


When you consume a food item on your daily menu, the breakdown of its various substances within your digestive system matters. Generally, nuts are healthy snackables with a visibly tougher texture. This natural disposition makes them more difficult to digest when raw or slightly roasted. In particular, almonds contain an enzyme inhibitor in their peel. This outer skin protects their body out in the wild, but the inhibitor compromises vital human digestion processes.

On the other hand, soaked almonds tell a different digestion story. If you choose to soak almonds overnight before popping them in your mouth, the nuts become soft, easing the strenuous digesting process within your body. Soaking stimulates surprisingly ideal conditions for digestion.


When you’re considering raw versus soaked almonds and which one is better for your health, think about the food’s ultimate health potential. Closely tied to the aforementioned digestion matter, soaked nuts improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients during the breakdown process. Almonds are organically and nutritionally dense, but the inhibitors that protect these nutrients are mainly present in the raw nut. By choosing to soak almonds, you can minimize these nutritional inhibitors and toxic anti-nutrients, as the water will absorb them rather than your body. The softer texture also offers the fullest potential for effective nutrient availability and boosted potency.


Taste preference is highly subjective. Raw almonds taste mighty good—but soaked almonds taste just as great. Unlike humans, who emerge from a good soak squeaky clean but wrinkly, almonds emerge from the water with a smoother texture and a more palatable flavor. The flavor may not equate to health, but what truly benefits your health is how you most enjoy consuming your almonds. That choice is what’s best for you—you can try out assorted flavors and variations.

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