The Difference Between Raw & Roasted Nuts

The Difference Between Raw & Roasted Nuts

Besides being a portable and convenient snack you can bring around on the go, nuts come with numerous health benefits which make them an attractive dietary option. However, do you know the difference between raw and roasted nuts? Some people may wonder if roasting nuts affect their nutritional value. In this article, we lay out the differences between raw and roasted nuts for you.

Reasons for Roasting Nuts

The most common reason for roasting nuts is to improve their aroma, taste and texture. Nuts can also be cooked alongside other ingredients, such as chicken and vegetables. Dry roasting and oil roasting are both ways nuts can be roasted. The difference lies in whether any oil is used. Nuts can also be roasted in a microwave. Some people prefer to buy their nuts roasted, whereas others prefer to roast them at home.

Nutritional Content

Although roasting nuts alter their structure and chemical content, the difference in nutritional content is negligible. Nuts lose moisture when they are roasted, making them crunchier. Due to this loss in moisture, roasted nuts weigh slightly less than raw ones, making the percentage of fat within them higher. As such, there is a slight increase in the calories and fat per gram when nuts are roasted. Not much fat can be added to nuts because of its already high fat content, however, the polyunsaturated fats in nuts are vulnerable to oxidation during the roasting process.

Damage of Polyunsaturated Fats

Polyunsaturated fats are healthy fats that have the ability to protect against heart diseases and lower cholesterol levels. Hence, people may not want to risk losing them during the process of roasting. This is most common during long cooking times with high temperatures, where the fat gets oxidized and contributes to the “off” smell that can sometimes be present in roasted nuts. To avoid this, always regulate the temperature and cooking time. Cooking in a low to medium temperature can help to prevent polyunsaturated fats from getting damaged.

Shelf Life

Roasted nuts have a shorter shelf life than raw nuts for one simple reason: the structure of polyunsaturated fats are altered during roasting, allowing them to come into contact with oxygen more easily. This speeds up the process of oxidation. Hence, roasted nuts should not be stored for as long a time as raw nuts.

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