Peanuts VS Almonds: Which One Is Better

Peanuts VS Almonds: Which One Is Better

Ah, peanuts and almonds. Nut lovers around the world recognize the iconic shapes, tastes, and textures of these natural nibbles. From a botanical perspective, neither peanuts nor almonds are bona fide nuts. The former are the seeds of legume crops, and the latter are the seeds of Amygdalus trees. However, each is known as a culinary nut. We commonly consume peanuts and almonds for their delectable tastes and nutritional benefits.

These days, a trending belief has spread around the wellness circle—one that you should steer clear of peanuts and embrace everything almond instead. Curious how these favorite foods stack up against each other? Let’s briefly compare the similarities and differences between peanuts vs. almonds. Which one is better? We’ll let you decide.


Out of all the culinary nuts in the modern kitchen, peanuts and almonds have similar characteristics in direct comparison. Each makes wonderful nut butter, ingredients in pastries or dishes, or use in other consumable products—such as oils, flours, and even milk.

The most noticeable differences lie in appearance and taste. Oval almonds are sold out of their shells, while some round peanuts have shells to remove before popping them in your mouth. Many prefer the smoother, sweeter taste of peanuts. Others admire the richer, bitter flavor of nutty almonds, especially those with peanut-only allergies. Which one’s better truly depends on personal preferences and taste buds.


Peanuts and almonds alike are little powerhouses storing an assortment of vitamins and minerals. Each is high in calories, carbs, and unsaturated fat, but almonds hold a slight edge over peanuts on the health scale. Each also contains similar amounts of dietary fiber and protein for good digestion and development.

Let’s recap a few significant micronutrient differences between the two. Almonds are a wonderful source of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, magnesium, and minerals in general. They have natural anti-inflammatory properties and also help strengthen our immune system. Conversely, peanuts have a better sourcing array of B vitamins, folate, and iron to help control blood pressure, promote cell health, and boost brain function.

When comparing peanuts vs. almonds and deciding which one is better, we have to mention energy levels for snacking. Peanuts and almonds contain matched nutrients for energy production, but almonds come out on top in quantity. When you need a boost of energy, nibble on a handful of almonds. Either way, we can unanimously agree that peanuts and almonds are healthier snack options. A spectrum of benefits awaits.

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