5 Tips to Properly Store Nuts for Maximum Freshness

5 Tips to Properly Store Nuts for Maximum Freshness

In the household of every foodie under the sun, you’ll find imagination, creation, and adventure. And ah, probably nuts. Yes, nuts, the humble superfoods that are must-haves in every kitchen. Beloved around the world in a wide array of varieties, nuts are a wholesome food group for everyday nibbling, cooking, or baking.

Not all nuts are made equally. As a matter of fact, your choice of nut matters, as well as how exactly you choose to store them. One wrong move and your sensational snack can quickly turn stale or rancid. Let’s take a closer look at a few guidelines to keep your stash tasty long-term. Here are five tips to properly store nuts for maximum freshness and taste.


The general shelf life of nuts depends on how fresh the batch was when initially purchased. Besides that factor, your local area and climate play their own part. Environment is everything for maintaining freshness when it matters most.

Essentially, nuts are like cave creatures—they aren’t fond of light, heat, or even fresh air. For that reason, don’t leave them sitting out on the counter. Throwing them into a room-temperature pantry isn’t always a wise idea, either. Find your nuts a cool, dark place to chill without direct heat or sunlight.


Speaking of the perfect cool environment, why not store your current stash in the fridge, and freeze up extras in the freezer? Most nuts will keep from six months to a year in the fridge, given that you store them in a tight, sealed container. Just avoid plopping them on the top shelf near lightbulbs.

If you decide to freeze a batch to thaw and eat later, keep your favorite variety in mind. Most nuts you can freeze for up to two years, but steer clear of freezing up shelled types of nuts like pistachios. Remember to label the date of storage and seal them up tight for the best taste possible.


Nuts last longer in cooler temps simply because of their high concentration of unsaturated fats. These healthy fats also contain delicate oils. No matter where you’re storing your nut collection, focus on preserving the oil quality. Try to avoid placing them near spicier or high-odor foods, as they can soak up external flavors. The best practice is to store nuts in glass containers near neutrally flavored items.


Interestingly enough, another neat tip to properly store nuts for maximum freshness is to turn your stash into homemade nut butter. Depending on your nut and recipe choice, the butter can last a few months up to a year. This is a delicious fresh nut preservation method for everyday use.


If you desire, keep things as whole as possible for preservation purposes. Whole nuts tend to last longer than chopped, blanched, ground, sliced, or other pre-cut varieties.

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