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What Are The Health Benefits Of Dried Cranberry?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Dried Cranberry?

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Leading all of the states for cranberry production, Wisconsin produces over 62%. Other states joining in as top producers include Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. With a bag of cranberries, you can make cranberry guacamole, smother pancakes or waffles with cranberry syrup, kick your apple pie up a notch, or make cranberry sorbet and freeze it for a tasty and refreshing snack. When the holidays approach, homemade cranberry sauce can be found on almost every table in America.

It's no wonder cranberries are so popular – they are literally referred to as a superfood! Cranberries are very rich in antioxidant and nutrient content. The less produced, treated, and added to, the healthier your cranberries will be. They have many health benefits, include the following:

  • May decrease blood pressure.
  • Can improve immune function.
  • Could possibly prevent certain types of cancer.
  • May lower the risk of a UTI (urinary tract infection).
  • Excellent source of copper, vitamin K1, vitamin E, manganese, and particularly, vitamin C.
  • May boost brainpower.
  • Used, in some cases, to help with weight loss.
  • Has reportedly been known to help combat tooth decay.
  • Cranberry is very nourishing for the skin and helps to keep it amazingly supple.
  • Your entire body's immune system may well be boosted by the phytochemicals and antioxidants found in cranberries.
  • Better heart health has been associated with the consumption of cranberries, according to some reports.

So, buy your healthy cranberries through our online store or get creative in the kitchen with fresh cranberries. Here's the most important thing… Enjoy!

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