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7 Healthy Snacks To Bring On Your Next Road Trip

7 Healthy Snacks To Bring On Your Next Road Trip

7 Healthy Snacks To Bring On Your Next Road Trip
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Crazy how the year flies by, isn’t it? Suddenly there’s a sense of briskness and holiday spirit in the air. Whether your family plans to head over the river and through the woods to grandparents' houses or you decide to hit the road to drive home for the holidays, the journey is never complete without a few munchies.

That said, overindulging on chips and candies isn’t the wisest idea to keep your energy and cheer high. Instead, you can munch on satisfying snacks with wholesome ingredients that are full of flavor. Here is a list of seven healthy snacks to bring on your next road trip.

Overnight Oats

Curious about the best way to satisfy your carb cravings? Oats are a wonderful source of mood-boosting fiber to keep your stomach content and full for a longer drive. Overnight oats have been a popular alternative to traditional oatmeal. Quickly prepare and soak a jar of rolled oats in the fridge overnight as you pack up your suitcase. Your flavor possibilities are endless, with whatever milk, sweetener, nuts, seeds, fruits, or powders you desire.

Raw Veggies and Nutritious Dip

Boredom often induces road munching and staring out the window. Looking for a savory, compelling crunch? Cut up a few of your favorite fresh vegetables—carrots, peppers, celery—for a solid on-the-go mini-meal. The addition of hummus, guacamole, or salsa on the side makes the snack even more alluring. Portable protein and healthy fats are yours for the taking.

Fresh Fruit and a Nutty Dip

If you prefer sweet fruit over savory veggies, slice up some of your favorites up to bring along. Sliced apples, bananas, or strawberries with your choice of nut butter is a dynamic duo. Munching on these hydrating, high-fiber, and high-protein nibbles is sure to quench your snacking thirst.

Fruit and Seed Bars or Energy Bites

Are you and the kids granola bar fanatics? We understand the quick-and-easy appeal of packaged bars that fill the energy void. If this is where your desire lies, choose ones without added sugar or extra ingredients. Otherwise, you can throw your own guilt-free bars or bites together before your trip.

Bite-Sized Baked Goods

Are you a baker who loves to whip up tender muffins, donuts, or mini loaves? Avoid store-bought baked goods and try out different recipes yourself. A wide array of fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds can spice up baked goods for the road ahead.

Nutrient-Dense Trail Mix

DIY trail mix deserves its own spot on our list of seven healthy snacks to bring on your next road trip. A hearty mix-and-match assortment of nuts, seeds, whole grains, and dried fruits is delectable and wholesome on its own. Almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds are especially known for their energy-boosting properties.

Dried Fruit Snack Packs

Jaybee’s sells a selection of top-notch dried fruit snack packs that make the perfect munching solution for any situation, road trips included. Choose from classic or tropical varieties for a sensational snack on the go. A day of delightfully-tasting sunshine and cheerful travel awaits.

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