Engraved Tagua Nuts



Looking for a personalized gift to give? With a variety of different sayings, you can find the perfect words for any occasion. Get the gift for your friends and loved ones that is unique knowing you are contributing to our environment. Tagua nuts are a great ivory alternative and there is no pollution involved from making Tagua since they abundantly grow on trees!

These wonderful unique gifts can be used as:

  • A paperweight
  • Decor
  • Keepsake
  • Or even just a new collection hobby!

With 15 different variations, you will have a whole new collection to add to your shelf! Each Tagua Nut comes with a black and red gift box that has red filler inside to perfectly snuggle your new gift. Easily write on the box who its from and who its for!

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Tagua Nuts are also known as vegetable ivory which come from a type of nut that grows on palm trees.  They can be carved, engraved, and used for many things! Such as, our Engraved Tagua Nuts!


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