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Wasabi-Coated Green Peas

Wasabi-Coated Green Peas

Searching for a different savory snack with a flavorful spice factor? At Jaybee’s Nuts, our wasabi-coated green peas have a distinctly sharp and fiery flavor that offers a great crunchy and spicy munchy treat. Carefully sourced from our reputable suppliers, this green-on-green spicy snack can certainly pack a powerful punch! Roasted to crunchy perfection with tongue-tingling wasabi, you can't go wrong with these delicious nibbles to spice up your day.

If you can handle the heat, grab a handful of these spicy peas to reenergize! Additionally, Jaybee's wasabi-coated green peas contain tons of nutrients and health benefits, offering a healthy snack to your diet plans. Add them to your cart today to elevate your snacking game to the next level.

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