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Flavored & Candied Nuts

Resealable Selection Flavored & Candied Nuts

Ditch the chips and munch on nuts instead. Jaybee’s Nuts has delicious flavored and candied nuts for sale. Try the Cashew Lover’s Bundle today! This snack pack includes four bags of flavored cashews in resealable bags—honey-roasted, pizza-flavored, salted, and unsalted cashews. Then, try the Peanut Lover’s Bundle, consisting of the same amazing flavors in peanuts. Grab a handful of natural, healthy nuts the next time you want a snack on the go. After trying all the assorted flavored and candied nuts, check out our dried fruit, raw nuts, and gift packs. Follow Jaybee’s Nut on social media, and tell us how much you love us on Yelp!

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