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Resealable Selection Almonds

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Almonds are a timeless snack for many people who enjoy their rich flavor and crunchy texture. At Jaybee’s Nuts, we carry a wide assortment of delicious almonds for sale that are sure to leave you satisfied. Almonds can be eaten as a quick standalone snack, or they can be used in various cooking and baking recipes to give any dish a nutty accent. They’re also loaded with quality nutrients and vitamins to make them a fully rounded snack option. If you have questions about our products or need help finding the almonds for sale that suit your tastes, browse our collections—don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team if you have any questions.

Resealable Selection Brazil Nuts

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Come to Jaybee’s Nuts today for the best Brazil nuts for sale online. Brazil nuts feature a buttery taste and a smooth texture and are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, monounsaturated fats, and proteins. Brazil nuts can be used to add a crunch to your salad, or they can be incorporated into a variety of baked goods and treats. Jaybee’s carries roasted and salted Brazil nuts, as well as raw Brazil nuts, to give our customers plenty of options. If you have any questions about our products or need help selecting the right nuts, don’t hesitate to reach out for help buying Brazil nuts online.

Resealable Selection Cashews

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Cashews are a delicious and versatile snack that you’ll enjoy for nearly any occasion. At Jaybee’s Nuts, we carry a wide variety of cashews for sale online, so there is sure to be something for everyone. We carry everything from pizza-flavored cashews to honey roasted cashews as well as your standard roasted whole cashew nuts. Cashews have a delicious naturally rich flavor and crunchy texture that make them perfect standalone nut snacks and a great ingredient in many meals and recipes. We encourage you to browse our collection so that you can find the cashew product that suits your unique tastes.

Resealable Selection Flavored & Candied Nuts

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Ditch the chips and munch on nuts instead. Jaybee’s Nuts has delicious flavored and candied nuts for sale. Try the Cashew Lover’s Bundle today! This snack pack includes four bags of flavored cashews in resealable bags—honey-roasted, pizza-flavored, salted, and unsalted cashews. Then, try the Peanut Lover’s Bundle, consisting of the same amazing flavors in peanuts. Grab a handful of natural, healthy nuts the next time you want a snack on the go. After trying all the assorted flavored and candied nuts, check out our dried fruit, raw nuts, and gift packs. Follow Jaybee’s Nut on social media, and tell us how much you love us on Yelp!

Resealable Selection Gourmet Flavored & Roasted Peanuts

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The one that started it all—the most popular nut at the party. After all this time, the peanut is still the champ. Peanuts have a mild flavor and versatility the make them perfect to add to a cookie recipe, top off a sundae, or eat by the handful at the game. Jaybee’s Nuts has gourmet flavored, roasted, salted, and unsalted peanuts for sale. Try our pizza-flavored and tasty toffee peanuts today, or send some off as a gift during the holidays. Jaybee’s Nuts has a wide variety of gourmet flavored peanuts available, and we are confident we have a variety that you’ll love. Try them all today.

Resealable Selection Gourmet Mixed Nuts

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When you’re ready for something different and want to ditch the junk food, snack on gourmet mixed nuts from Jaybee’s Nuts. Mixed nuts are packed with nutrients, healthy fats, and dietary fiber and should be part of every healthy diet. We have munch mix, honey mustard mix, pizza-flavored nut and pretzel mix, and our sweet and savory tsunami mix! Order all of our gourmet mixed nuts to find out which is your favorite. They’re great to keep on hand as after-school snacks for the kids and for munching during a party. Be sure to check out all of our raw, roasted, and salted nuts today.

Resealable Selection In-Shell Roasted Pistachios

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With a slick advertising campaign, distinct color, and delicious flavor, it’s easy to see why pistachios are so popular. Jaybee’s Nuts has in-shell, roasted, and salted pistachios for sale—and they are delicious. The pistachio is the most fun of nuts to eat with its distinctive shell and small size. If you want to eat pistachios, they make you work for it. Pistachios are a good source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants in addition to being full of healthy fats. In-shell pistachios are nutrient dense and should be a part of any healthy lifestyle. Have a look at all the roasted, salted, flavored, and raw nuts we have for sale and try them all for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Resealable Selection Pepitas

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If you’re looking for a healthy treat to take the place of your usual unsalty, roasted snacks, look no further! Jaybee’s Nuts offers delicious pumpkin seeds and pepitas for sale online that are roasted to perfection. Pepitas have a smooth, nutty flavor with a sweet finish, making them perfect for many different applications. You can use them to add texture to a salad or use them in various baking and cooking recipes. Pepitas are packed with essential vitamins to make them a perfect treat that also fits into any active lifestyle. If you have questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help you find the right pumpkin seeds and pepitas for sale online.

Resealable Selection Sunflower Seeds

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Jaybee’s Nuts has delicious and healthy roasted sunflower seeds available online. These tasty treats can be eaten by themselves or added to snack mixes, cooking recipes, and baking recipes to give any dish a rich, bold sunflower taste. Sunflower seeds are also a great source of protein, fiber, and a range of minerals, so they’re a perfect snack to add to your everyday routine. Our roasted sunflower seeds are hand-selected for quality and freshness, making them the perfect snack for every occasion. If you have any questions about our roasted sunflower seeds for sale, read more about them on our site or contact our team for assistance.

Resealable Selection Wasabi-Coated Green Peas

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Searching for a different savory snack with a flavorful spice factor? At Jaybee’s Nuts, our wasabi-coated green peas have a distinctly sharp and fiery flavor that offers a great crunchy and spicy munchy treat. Carefully sourced from our reputable suppliers, this green-on-green spicy snack can certainly pack a powerful punch! Roasted to crunchy perfection with tongue-tingling wasabi, you can't go wrong with these delicious nibbles to spice up your day.

If you can handle the heat, grab a handful of these spicy peas to reenergize! Additionally, Jaybee's wasabi-coated green peas contain tons of nutrients and health benefits, offering a healthy snack to your diet plans. Add them to your cart today to elevate your snacking game to the next level.

Resealable Selection Whole Pecans for Sale

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Looking for a healthy snack that will give you a boost? Whole pecans are just the thing to keep you going through the day. Pecans are nutrient-packed nuts with a rich buttery taste and texture that provide a great source of dietary fiber that’s low in carbs. Jaybee’s Nuts has whole pecans for sale that are available raw or roasted and salted. Pecans are also great for baking and cooking. Pecan pie, anyone? But their value as food goes beyond desserts and pastries. Eating pecans and all kinds of other nuts is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. After browsing the whole pecans for sale have a look at the other varieties of nuts available at Jaybee’s nuts.

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