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Resealable Selection Engraved Tagua Nut Gift Basket

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Surprise and delight with a healthful medley of deliciously roasted nuts in our Tagua nut gift basket. Even the nut lovers of the world desire a little variety for their daily munching. This all-natural selection includes an array of Smoked Almonds, Large Roasted Salted Cashews, Tasty Toffee Peanuts, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Tsunami Mix, & Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts that were hand-chosen to ensure the highest quality.

Here is finger snacking at its very best. Crunchy and satisfying, Jaybee's Tagua nut gift basket is a tasty choice for any special occasion. Perfect for fans of sweet and savory goodies, you can't go wrong with this delectable nut assortment for uniquely personalized gifts.

Resealable Selection Engraved Tagua Nuts

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The vivid beauty and color of Tagua nuts make them instant pieces of art. Here at Jaybee's, we carry sustainable Tagua Nut gifts that are perfect for eco-conscious friends or family members. These natural products are popular mediums for carving or engraving.

Our collection of engraved Tagua nuts contains over 15 different variations to add to one's shelf or display on a tablespace. Choose from varying personalized phrases to celebrate special occasions or give as a thoughtful keepsake. When you shop from our assorted selections, you will receive your choice of an engraved Tagua nut with a black and red gift box. We include a red crinkle filler inside to snuggle perfectly around your new gift. Easily write on the box who it's from and who it's for!

Resealable Selection Gourmet Mixed Nut Gift Baskets

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Who isn't nuts for these classic mixes of nuts? Forget the boring boxes of chocolate or bags of fresh fruits; shop at Jaybee's for scrumptious gifts instead. Our tempting collection of platters contains a mixture of delectable flavors certain to please one's taste buds. We carry an assortment of gourmet mixed nut gift baskets with either four, six, or seven sections of nutty varieties.

Choose from our selection of traditional and fun flavors—perfect for putting a smile on someone's face. These healthy bundles of joy are salty, sweet, savory, and sensationally satisfying. Jaybee's gourmet mixed nut gift baskets make an impressive spread for hosting. Check them out to mix and match at your next holiday party or family gathering.

Resealable Selection Gourmet Nut Gift Box Sets

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Are you looking for that perfect fun yet elegant gift pack for family, friends, or colleagues? Well, you don't need to look any longer—one of Jaybee’s gourmet nut variety packs is just what you need. Our two-pack or three-pack varieties make for a sophisticated, delightful presentation for all kinds of soirees. Choose a gourmet nut gift box that's perfect to match the mood.

We delight in hand-selecting nuts for quality and flavor when it counts—it's our "Jaybee Guarantee." This fresh and mouthwatering gift is a wonderful source of protein and other vital nutrients. Our tasty munchies can articulately relay your well-wishes in a delectable, graceful, and uplifting way. Good times of love, laughter, and well-being await when you add a gourmet nut gift box to your cart.

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