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Dried Fruit

Resealable Selection Dried Apricots

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Our dried apricots are naturally sweet and vibrant. With no added sugar, you can enjoy this daily dried fruit snack, knowing that you are eating healthy. You can dice them up and add them to your favorite cereals, yogurt, and much more that will add an additional sweet, chewy flavor. Not only are they a great choice to replace sugary snacks, they are a great source for fiber. Jaybee's Nuts takes pride in the quality of our dried fruit snacks so shop with us today!

Resealable Selection Dried Cranberries

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Looking for a boost in antioxidants? Cranberries are a great source of antioxidants and they are considered a superfood due to their high nutritional value. Their distinctive taste makes them a perfect choice for dried fruit snack lovers and even bakers! Add them to your meals or baked goods for an extra sweet flavor so get your dried cranberries from the best dried fruit store online now at Jaybee’s Nuts!

Resealable Selection Dried Fruit Snack Packs & Bundles

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In the mood for sweet and tangy? How about sweet? Our dried fruit bundles feature a mixture of your favorite fruits and make the perfect snack for any situation! In addition to their overall tastiness, and sweetness, they are also chewy and full of flavor that will make a great topping for your baked goods, breakfast, or when you need a satisfying dried fruit snack on the go. Jaybees Nuts has some of the highest quality dried fruit snack packs available online and we encourage you to mix and match your flavors for the ultimate experience.

Resealable Selection Dried Kiwi

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In the mood for sweet and tangy? Our vibrantly colored dried kiwi is a delicious, satisfying confection that will leave your taste buds contented while you eat healthy. This dried fruit snack will surprise you with a rich flavor that just keeps getting better as you pop them into your cereals, salads, or directly into your mouth!

Resealable Selection Dried Mangos

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Our Sweetened dried mango is a tropical dried fruit snack that you will enjoy any time of the day. Its bright color says all about its vibrant flavor. It is deliciously sweet that will satisfy your sweet craving and is a healthy way of adding extra vitamins into your diet. Mango delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants into your diet so start eating healthy while enjoying a delectable dried fruit snack that definitely will not fail to impress!

Resealable Selection Dried Papaya Chunks & Slices

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Papayas are one of the fruits with a unique and exotic sweet taste. This dried fruit is naturally rich in beta-carotene, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. In addition to the fruit’s overall tastiness, and sweetness, it is also chewy and full of flavor that will make a great topping for your baked goods, breakfast, or when you need a satisfying dried fruit snack on the go. If you’re looking for the tastiest and finest quality dried papaya chunks or slices, Jaybees Nuts has you covered. While you’re here, be sure to check out our other products! You’ll find delicious almonds, pecans, dried fruit and more.

Resealable Selection Dried Pineapples

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Are your tastebuds calling for a big bite of sweet but you want to make sure healthy eating is on the cards? Our sweet dried pineapples are so delectable that they can brighten your day in a single nibble. Brightly colored and vibrant, they are the dried fruit snack choice you have been looking for. Try them, and you’ll see the difference because everyone deserves a little bit sunshine in their day!

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