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Looking for the right kind of snacks to munch on without feeling the guilt? Our dried fruits and nuts would be the right answer for you! At Jaybee’s Nuts, we make snacking a healthy habit with our huge selection of nuts and dried fruits. Using the freshest and finest quality, indulge in our delectable range of crunchy and flavorful treats anytime and anywhere without worrying about the calorie count. Pamper yourself with Jaybee’s Nuts where you can snack with confidence knowing you are benefitting from all the protein and fiber that you need!

About Idaho

Idaho is known as The Gem State due to the fact that it produces 72 types of semi-precious and precious stones. The largest diamond discovered in the U.S. was also found there. Located in the northwest of the U.S., it is the 14th largest state known for scenic mountain landscapes, outdoor recreation areas and miles of protected wilderness. One of the famous destinations in Idaho include the Boise River where it is a popular for rafting and fishing. In addition, people enjoy biking, hiking and walking while enjoying the luscious nature there. Idaho is known for their healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.


Looking for Nuts & Dried Fruit Products in Idaho?

Consuming dried fruit gives your body much more nutrients than fresh fruits. As dried fruit has equally or even more fiber and antioxidant than fresh fruits yet more condensed, it is easy to consume a wider variety to get all the nutrients you need. Although high in sugar, dried fruits can reduce and even prevent the risk of diabetes due to the presence of antioxidant. Antioxidants assist in the response of insulin in the body. Dried fruits also play a huge role in boosting the immune system due to the high content of iron, vitamin C and A found in them.

Nuts provide a great source of many nutrients including magnesium, selenium and vitamin E especially when you are on a low-carb diet. In fact, nuts make excellent snacks whether you are on a vegan or keto diet despite being high in fat as it aids in weight loss. Rich in antioxidant, nuts can help neutralize unstable molecules that could possibly lead to cell damage and an increase in the risk of disease. Tasty, handy and crunchy, enjoy the health benefits of nuts wherever you go!

Some of the most popular choices from Jaybee’s Nuts include:

Resealable jar selection:

  • Mixed Nuts
  • Smoked Almonds
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Roasted Pistachios
  • Raw/Roasted Whole Pecans
  • Tasty Toffee Peanuts
  • Raw/Roasted Cashews
  • …and more!

Nut gift baskets:

  • Nuts Gift Box
  • Nuts Gift Basket
  • Engraved Nut Gift Basket
  • Assorted Peanuts Gift Basket
  • …and more!

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Jaybee's Nuts Ships to Idaho

Serving satisfied customers since 2015, Jaybee’s Nuts take pride in only using the freshest and the finest quality. Whether for your own indulgence or to impress your guests, Jaybee’s Nuts promises the best guilt-free snacks that retain their freshness and have a long-lasting quality. Customize your perfect combination by selecting from a wide range of dried fruit and nuts readily available online. Our efficient delivery will ensure you get to enjoy your orders fast in the comfort of your own home.

For delicious and healthy dried fruits and nuts which are perfect for daily snacking or as gifts, contact Jaybee’s Nuts in Idaho today! Sign up for a free account with us to start shopping or email us your inquiry.

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