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Is There A Link Between Nuts And Colon Cancer?

Is There A Link Between Nuts And Colon Cancer?

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You may have heard about recent studies claiming a positive correlation between eating nuts and colon cancer. However, how much of that is really true? Turns out that eating nuts can drastically reduce the risk of colon cancer reoccurrence and death, but there is no conclusive evidence that eating nuts prevents the onset of cancer in an otherwise healthy person.

A recent study of colon cancer patients has yielded astounding results: patients who regularly consumed two ounces of nuts or more per week had a 57% increase in overall survival and 42% increase in disease-free survival! What does that say, then, about the health benefits of nuts? It is important to note that “nuts” in this sense refer only to “tree nuts” and do not include peanuts, which is a legume.

Insulin Resistance Pathway

We know the results – but where exactly can the link between nuts and colon cancer be found? One theory is that of the insulin resistance pathway: eating nuts is associated with less resistance. Healthy bodies are able to respond normally to the hormone insulin, however sufferers of obesity and Type 2 diabetes are unable to do so. This causes the body to produce a higher amount of insulin to compensate for it, resulting in a higher level of insulin in the bloodstream. A link has been found between insulin resistance, diabetes and cancer.

Besides that, one of the health benefits of eating nuts is reduced inflammation in the body. Strangely enough, a link has been found between inflammation and the development of cancer, suggesting that nuts may help to combat some of the cancer-causing agents with their inflammation reducing properties.

Nuts and Colon Cancer: What do these findings mean?

Ultimately, these findings do not mean that eating nuts is a foolproof way of preventing cancer as there is no conclusive evidence of that yet. As these findings are limited to patients who had already developed colon cancer and went through either surgery or chemotherapy treatment, it does not indicate that eating nuts alone can prevent colon cancer reoccurrence. Rather, it simply tells us that a combination of treatment and a healthy diet that includes nuts reaped the best results.

What we can take away from this study is that there are certain things we can do to significantly reduce our risk of cancer such as eating a healthy diet with nuts and exercising regularly.

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