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Do Nuts And Dried Fruits Need To Be Refrigerated?

Do Nuts And Dried Fruits Need To Be Refrigerated?

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Nuts and dried fruits will be required to be stored in a refrigerator to ensure better shelf life unless you are planning to consume them within the next few days. The longevity of nuts and dried fruits will be shortened when exposed to heat, especially during the long summer months. Nuts that are left in the open are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations, making them susceptible to heat. This can degrade the freshness of nuts and make them go stale.

Dried fruits are often seasoned with salt or sugar, allowing them to be stored for longer periods. As dried fruits contain little or no moisture, they do not go stale easily. When not stored properly, however, they may lose their chewy elasticity and can quickly turn into a dry leather consistency.

Both nuts and dried fruits can absorb moisture and will begin to oxidize quickly when not stored properly. When exposed to surrounding conditions for a period, dried fruits will change in color. You will notice that the natural fruit color will turn into dark brown. For nuts, however, it might be trickier to spot with your eyes. To determine whether your nuts are still fresh, you will notice that the crunchy texture will become much softer due to the nuts absorbing water and oxygen.

Therefore, one of the best solutions to ensure that your nuts and dried fruits are stored properly is to keep them refrigerated. Additionally, you can store them in air-tight containers or Ziplock bags to extend their shelf life significantly. 

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