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Do You Sell Wholesale?

At Jaybee’s Nuts, we are proud to offer the finest ready-to-eat snacks and treats of pretzels, dried fruits, nuts, and so much more! Our inventory includes package sizes of jars, platters, and yes – we also sell our products in bulk sizes and at wholesale cost. We offer corporate discounts, too. There’s something for everyone […]


Do You Offer Corporate Discounts?

At Jaybee’s Nuts, we offer the finest ready-to-eat treats and snacks of dried fruits, nuts, pretzels, and much more! We have every size from platters to boxes and jars, and yes – we also offer corporate discounts. At Jaybee’s Nuts, there’s something for everyone! When you use your corporate discount, you can get our flavorful, […]


Do You Have a Platter for the Holidays?

With holidays of many kinds approaching, the prospect of having friends and family to your home increases. There is no better snack to serve your guests than one of America’s favorites: nuts. At Jaybee’s Nuts, we offer an impressively wide selection of gift baskets which are so attractively presented, they also serve as our platters. […]


Do Nuts And Dried Fruits Need To Be Refrigerated?

Nuts and dried fruits will be required to be stored in a refrigerator to ensure better shelf life unless you are planning to consume them within the next few days. The longevity of nuts and dried fruits will be shortened when exposed to heat, especially during the long summer months. Nuts that are left in […]


Can Diabetic People Take Nuts and Dried Fruits?

Just over one in ten Americans – which equates to roughly 34.2 million – suffer from diabetes. Prediabetes sufferers equal approximately one in three, or 88 million adults. With those kinds of numbers, clearly, more information about managing diabetes and prediabetes is needed. For diabetics, are dried fruits and nuts allowable in their special diets? […]


Are Raw Nuts Healthier Than Roasted Nuts?

Raw nuts are known to contain a huge amount of nutrients that are known to be extremely healthy. They can, however, contain bacteria. Even if they do, they are less likely to cause adverse health effects as the risk is potentially low. Compared to raw nuts, roasted nuts may contain much lesser vitamins and nutrients. […]

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