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Are Raw Nuts Healthier Than Roasted Nuts?

Are Raw Nuts Healthier Than Roasted Nuts?

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Raw nuts are known to contain a huge amount of nutrients that are known to be extremely healthy. They can, however, contain bacteria. Even if they do, they are less likely to cause adverse health effects as the risk is potentially low.

Compared to raw nuts, roasted nuts may contain much lesser vitamins and nutrients. Due to the process of roasting, healthy fats can become damaged along the way. Therefore, if you are planning to roast some nuts on your own, be sure to take note of the temperate and duration as they can have a big impact on the nutrients. For instance, nuts that are roasted are typically cooked at a low to a medium temperature of approximately 280°F at about 15 to 20 minutes. This can keep vitamin loss to a minimum while retaining healthy fats at the same time.

Store-bought roasted nuts can contain a significant amount of salt or sugar. As roasted also means that the nuts are being cooked in oil, they can sometimes be high in unsaturated fat as well. If you are looking for a healthier option, consider buying dry roasted nuts instead. Nuts that are dry roasted are often cooked in an oven roaster with no added oil.

The shelf life on both raw and roasted nuts, however, can differ greatly. As roasted nuts are typically added with preservatives such as salt or sugar, they can be kept longer even after they are opened. For safety, raw nuts are recommended to be eaten over the next few days once they are bought. The best ways to store nuts are either in the refrigerator or in airtight containers.

Both raw and roasted nuts can be good for your overall health. Therefore, you may try including these nuts into your healthy diet plan!

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